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B2B Sales Executive
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Leave your mark in every interaction, and transform your networking approach.

Our Vcard is much more than a mini-website with your company information; it’s the key to standing out from your competitors from the first contact, wherever you are, enhancing your corporate identity and turning your team members into brand ambassadors. Specifically designed to amplify your connection with potential clients, our Vcard allows you to effectively convey your message and establish conversations that evolve into satisfied customers.


Immediate Connection
• Just one click on "Add Contact" and all your information is in their phone's contact list. •Facilitates networking anywhere, online or offline.
Simple Viralization
• Easily share your mini-website: copy the URL to your signature, share it on social media, or messages. • Your contacts can share your Vcard with a simple message, email, or on social media.
Powerful Sales Tool
• Includes photo, logo, position, contact buttons, sales video, product gallery, testimonials, and map location, turning your mini-website into a complete sales tool.
Personalized Collaboration
• We work with you on the development of your mini-website, we only need your business information. • Customize your Vcard to highlight the uniqueness of your brand.
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